Well, well, well… I am on holidays this week. Which would be week 9, I think – so the week I write about next week. Or something. Daylight savings changed on Sunday morning, and I have to say I am a trifle discombobulated. We have had some VERY late nights, and the odd “umm, it’s well after 7pm and I haven’t even thought about feeding the children” nights. That may not be a problem for some people, but my kids are normally in bed by 8pm so it’s a problem for me! Also, I’m on holidays, so I haven’t been forced to go to bed at a sensible time either… I think I’d better work on THAT somehow!

Anyway, that’s a tale for next week!

I shall start with the shopping – as you may remember, I didn’t shop until Tuesday last week. This has meant I haven’t really had to shop this week, either! Have to be happy with that, I must say. Except for some fruit and beans and bread. But we always need fruit and bread. That was purchased today – a week after I last shopped, who would have thought it! The meal planning went well until Friday – then fell into a screaming heap over the weekend. Saturday’s scratch meal was – well, we didn’t actually have dinner; although as there was much munching all day, it probably didn’t matter. Sunday – that was the night I forgot to feed the kids until late (but I did give them vegies so not a total fail parent!)

I did make cupcakes – no pics unfortunately. Next time I make them, I will snap away (although the process isn’t very exciting). I had a lot of fun (err not) icing them as I couldn’t create the colour I wanted in the icing… on my hands, yes. Even on the bench. But the actual icing? Nope. I should have stuck with Glace icing rather than butter cream (but butter cream is SO GOOD).

And I also made the Marion’s Kitchen Thai Satay Sticks. Can I just say OMG!!! They are delicious. Again with the weird smells at the start, but they are so good. The bloke is not a fan of satay in any way, shape or form. But he ate one of the sticks (sans satay sauce) to be polite, and ate another two because they were yummy! The big kid ate a couple as well, so they’re going onto the shopping list. I just bought chicken tenders, whacked a skewer up each one, and marinated on the skewer. The recipe suggested 20 minutes minimum, and I think I left mine for closer to 45 minutes, but they were absolutely scrummy.

Meal Planning for this week:

  • Monday – Fish n chips
  • Tuesday – Spag Bolognese
  • Wednesday – Play by ear
  • Thursday –  Steaks and salad
  • Friday –  Home made pizza
  • Saturday – Out all day
  • Sunday –  Spicy sausages for us, sausage and vegies for the kids

Now for the washing…

THAT actually went spectacularly well. I thought ahead (for once!) I knew it was going to be a crappy weekend weatherwise and on the going out all day Saturday front. My cleaning fairy does a load of washing for me on a Thursday, so instead of just that one load, I did another on Thursday night, and another two loads on Friday night. I also churned through a bit on Saturday morning as well – lots of smaller loads that could go on the airer and the dryer easily enough so that all I had to do on Sunday was sheets and towels. Everything was washed and dried by Sunday night, and put away on Monday morning. Yay me!

Now daylight savings has started, and it’s light for a bit longer, there’s probably no reason that I can’t actually do the odd mid-week load of washing…Maybe.

This week, I am off work to ostensibly spend some quality time with the kids. The week’s plans have been turned on their ear somewhat, so there has been a lot of re-writing the plans as we go along. However, I still want to get rid of that op-shop stuff finally. And the boy’s room is a schemozzle (it’s been nine months since I last sorted it out, so it’s lasted well) I doubt that will get sorted out this week, though.

I think I will aim low – op shop stuff, actually be ready for back to school next Monday, get all the washing done, take the kids shopping and to see a movie.

That’ll do!