Tis the season for the Resolutions… Eh, I have some. Sort of. I may or may not have dusted off a couple of oldies but goodies for another ‘go-round’, or I may have perhaps come up with a new one or two. Probably new ones, I think… I can’t remember the last time I made some, committed them to some form of permanent record and then reflected on my success or otherwise so I shall just make some new and fresh ones… (and you’re welcome to come back and see how I’ve gone!)

1. A few of my friends have been doing the 50 Book Challenge (Dee, Natalie (who succeeded) and a couple of other people who’s blogs I am too lazy to dig out all attempted to read 50 books with varying degrees of success). I dunno about 50 Books… it seems a little ambitious to me… I know I’ve read about eight or ten books since I got my ereader in October, but before that, it was a little spasmodic to say the least… I read a fair bit of Sherlock Holmes, I read some Sookie Stackhouse, a couple of other books by the same woman… I probably racked up thirty or so books for the year. Which surprises me, to be perfectly honest! Maybe fifty isn’t unreasonable?

That’s been the positive side of reading. The negative side? Well, I used to like reading the news on news.com.au (glutton for punishment) and on abc.net.au for some slightly more balanced reporting. The negative – well, it would be hard to find a positive in amongst all the bile and endless carpery that went on in the media this last year. It’s been horrid. When you look back on the FACTS, and compare them to what was reported, you could be mistaken for thinking you’ve been living in an alternate dimension. Since when has political reporting taken up SO MUCH SPACE???  And since when have so many words been used to say so little?

Resolution #1 & #2 – Read more fun stuff. Read less crap (that means anything owned by you, Mr Murdoch!), attempt to read at least FORTY books (doing alright, year is two days old and I’ve read one book!) And I shall continue to discover what is actually going on in the world by other means.

2. I’ve spent a lot of time chasing my tail this year, both at work and at home. It’s been fair shitting me, to be honest. Two steps forward, one back, one sideways and hey, look… there’s a tractor! And we all know how I feel about tractors. I need to pull myself together and think about what it is I am aiming for and work out how to do it. And while having this little blog has helped me get on track at home to a certain degree – a couple of busy weekends, and I am back to almost where I started again.

Resolution #3 – Stop chasing tractors and racing off down rabbit holes and concentrate on what I am doing. I know HOW to keep myself on track, I just need to start doing it. AGAIN. Both at work and at home.

3. A lot of the time, I end up doing things because it’s easier to do it than say what I really feel. And the reverse is also true – I don’t do things that I’d really like to do because it’s too hard – be it to organise a babysitter, or it takes up time. This will be the anti-wussbag resolution.

Resolution #4 – Say “no” outright to one thing I don’t want to do this year. And maybe even say “yes, I will” to something I do want to do. Only once. It only has to  be once.

4. My dream as a child, and as a teenager (and even as an adult, if I’m honest about it) is to be a writer. The only way to become a writer is to WRITE, darn it. Surely, you’d be thinking all those publishers out there would be dying to pull that story out of my head and tidy it up for publication… WHAT? You mean, I actually have to WRITE IT DOWN???

Resolution #5 – Write more stuff. Blogging is a good start. And every writer needs to start somewhere, right?

(PS… apparently, I did record last year’s resolution… A year down the track, I can honestly say I didn’t stab anyone, and I think I was down to two grudges by the end of the year… That’s surely a fair effort on my part.)