Instead of banging on about how pants I am at housework at the moment and how I am aspiring to return to my normal level of slight disorganisation because it would be an improvement on how things are going at the Archer Residence at the moment, I thought that, in addition to writing immensely long run on sentences, I would bang on about something else instead…


What about my accidental purchase of the entire range of Natio products stocked at my local department store? Ok… maybe not the entire range – but um. Might be pretty darn close!

Ok. First, a bit of back story. I am a sensitive little flower and have allergies/am irritated by all sorts of peculiar things. I’ve not gone to an actual dermatologist or anything, preferring to use the “ZOMG the skin, IT BURNS” method to determine how my delicate little self feels about certain items, rather than consulting Dr Google, who will just tell me I have leprosy or some such if I google the word “rash” or “it burns”.

So, as a result, I am a a bit selective about what I whack on my skin and it also means that when I find something I like, I a) tend to stick to it and b) get really really annoyed when the manufacturer “new and improves” it. Those two words are guaranteed to make me break out in a horrendous rash!

Right now, Clarins is my ‘go-to’ for cleansers and makeup – including my accidental purchase of a fortunately rather lovely tinted moisturiser that’s $120 for a small tube. No, not planning to buy that again, and yes definitely going to use it ALL UP! But their stuff can be a bit on the exxy side  – the cleanser is $40, and the foundation is around the $60 mark – so there’s $100 every couple of months just gone. Plus a mascara, and a tinted moisturiser for the weekends and I am spending a truck load of loot on stuff to make myself look nice.

And sometimes, I totally begrudge that I can’t just grab a $10 moisturiser from the supermarket like anyone else.

BUT because of the whole sensitive flower thing – at the same time, I am a bit loath to buy stuff and not be able to use it because it makes my skin have the texture of bubble wrap and makes my eyes look red and bleary. So I have all these intentions  of trying something new but generally go back to the tried and true (usually because I am completely run out or I have something on where I don’t want to look like a rock lobster).

(Yes, I will get back to the whole Natio explosion shortly)

Anyway, my lovely friend (and enabler) Dee put me onto Silk Naturals which have samples for the cheapness so I have been able to try a couple of things. The really awesome thing about their samples is that they’re big enough to have a red hot go and determine whether they’re good for the sensitive blossoms such as myself. So far, I have tried their body butter (it’s good) and their lip balm (really nice); but haven’t had much luck with their moisturisers (not moisturisy enough for ma old lady skin. As an aside, I appear to have dry/normal skin and not oily/combination as I always thought).

But Dee also gave me a bottle of this stuff

 And Oh My Goodness… I am seriously loving this stuff. It’s evened my skin, reduced the redness, I’m not getting as many old lady pimples… The “bubble-wrap” is all but gone on my forehead. And it even fixed some sunburn! What is not to love about this product of awesomeness!?!?!?

Well, there is one thing that sucks about it.

You know how I was whining about accidentally paying more than I should for a tinted moisturiser? That’s about $50 cheaper than this little baby. And this little baby is something that I think I will have to buy. I really really really like it.

And in order to subsidise the acquisition… Well, that brings me to the Natio Explosion above.

I have been using a Natio body butter for a while now and really like it. The last one I bought was a bit – well, the Bloke wanted to know if I had the Reef Oil out. It makes me smell like a pina colada. Which I am not keen on. So, knowing that my local department store had a 25% off sale on, I toddled in to investigate. And {GASP} there was a sales assistant there. She spotted me juggling the body butter and investigating the cleansing wipes and cleanser and came over to have a chat. I’d picked up the cleanser and she told me that if I spent $35 I could have this you-beaut tote bag and things in it for free. And if I spent $50… I could have a wee toiletry bag and its contents as well. I’m not one to back away from a good GWP, particularly a double GWP. I wanted to try the stuff anyway so off I went…

I got a…

  • Cleanser
  • Cleansing wipes
  • Eye makeup removal wipes
  • A hand cream
  • Body butter
  • Lip balm
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturiser with sunscreen
  • Moisturiser without sunscreen
  • Tote bag
  • Toiletry bag

All that lot for $53! Now, the sunscreen and SPF moisturiser both had the dread octylmethoxycinnamate as their active ingredient, however, I had a sudden need for a birthday gift that day – so they got rehomed (and technically, that reduces the outlay for the whole shebang, as otherwise I would have needed to *buy* a gift!)

(I’m also irritated by chemical sunscreens – and zinc oxide as well, which is annoying as almost all of the barrier sunscreens seem to use ZO. This leaves me in a state where I am internalising a really complicated situation in my head… The  potential death by titanium dioxide nano-particle or the probability of certain demise via the skin cancers. Weirdly enough, I have come up in favour of avoiding the certain death, and stick to titanium dioxide as my sunscreen of choice, and steer as far far away from any of the cinnamate family as I can (I’m also not keen on the perfumes with cinnamon in them – who would have thought?))

So far, I have used the wipes (both) and they do their job. Probably no better or worse than the Simple wipes I normally use. But they smell pretty! I’m yet to crack open the body butter (and yes, still smell like a cocktail) And I will be trying the face wash just as soon as I finish the Silk Naturals samples I have on the go. But if the moisturiser and face wash work out, that’s a whole $30 a month I will have toward my Holy Grail of skin care. Which they had better not “new” OR “improve”!