Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as Sadderdeee night (doo dit doo dit doo doo) and it is in fact Sunday night – the dishwasher is packed and ready to go, and despite almost getting into a brawl at the laundromat, all the washing is clean, dry and folded (except for a couple of pairs of school pants that are still a bit damp). And there are clean sheets on all the beds. There is also what can best be described as COPIOUS food in the cupboards, my footy team won this weekend,  and I can walk across the lounge room floor without stepping on anything pointy. Some Stuff of the fun variety was done with the Offsprings yesterday and today, and I managed to achieve not one but TWO jobs on the ‘jeez, I really should do something about…” list. A most excellent weekend, I think.

After being a bit out of action last weekend,  spending the bulk of it closeted on the couch mucking about teaching the kids to crochet, reading and playing with my damn castle, it really was quite good to actually get a couple of things done this weekend. Ok, they weren’t majorly BIG things, but still things, none-the-less.

The first thing I did was sort out my wardrobe. Now, I get my ironing done. This is excellent, but as the ironing arrives Monday night in the middle of everything, it often gets shoved into my side of the wardrobe. Also, the ironing fairy tends to hang my tshirts, and I prefer to fold them – so, teensy bit congested in there. So I pulled out all the shirts that weren’t mine, folded the tshirts, put all the tops and bottoms together in a more appropriate and soothing order and chucked four or five tshirts that were past it, as well as a couple of other bits and bobs and all of a sudden, spaciously spacious wardrobe again. Excellent, dude! (And WAY less than I normally chuck out as well – obviously a little more judicious in the shopping last winter)

The other thing I did… well. Bit of a back story there (isn’t there always?) Now, we run a nice little network here at Chez Archer, and it ticks along smoothly, running a varying number of laptops, gadgets and the printer. A few months ago, though, the network had a wee hissy and unidentified itself or something and it ceased to exist (one of those catch-22 type situations where the instruction book was on the interwebs, and one needed to connect to said interwebs in order to download the instructions to connect to the interwebs. Short version – awesome help desk stepped me through it). But as a result of this wee hissy, I had to reset the network. The printer was less than impressed. Loads of swears and a little bit of who knows what pressing random buttons and as long as I didn’t want to scan anything, all good. THEN we got a new router.

HOOLY DOOLY. The kerfuffle. Un-be-lievable. Happy computers, and a printer that was a little cross. MANY swears later, a decision was made – if I couldn’t convince it to print from every computer before it ran out of ink, I was just going to bloody well get a new bloody printer and bloody be done with the bloody thing.

Today, I bought a new printer. And installed it. And connected it properly to TWO of the computers on the network. AND not only that, it fits in the cupboard AND it bloody well prints. Yay me.  And I didn’t even have to do any swears. Which is really even yay-er.

Now, I did suck at the usual suspects – ie the meal planning. Last week was more than a little chaotic, although nobody starved and the freezer is close to empty. This week is looking like more of the same, because although I did in fact buy fruit and veg, did an enormous grocery order and go to the butcher… I didn’t actually buy enough meat for the week. Oops. Don’t know what I was thinking there!

So here is the week ahead so far… (subject to change without notice, and when the troops don’t like it!)

  • Sunday – flathead tails and salad
  • Monday – San Choy Bow (Assuming the mince finally defrosts!)
  • Tuesday – Roast chook from the supermarket and roast vegies
  • Wednesday – something with egg and bacon and left over chicken (quiche or fritatta, I think)
  • Thursday – Chops and veg
  • Friday – home made pizza
  • Saturday – Recipe night

Singularly uninspiring, yes? However, I believe I have all the necessary ingredients for the planned repast, so here’s hoping it pans out. Or maybe someone else will get all inspired and whip up something awesome?? The kids are on school holidays from Friday night for two weeks – you know, we might even go out for dinner on that Friday?  Actually, while I was out printer shopping (it took THREE HOURS by the time we looked at ALL the toy sales, had morning tea and a little something about 12.30. We would have been out longer had I been able to find a fully functioning car wash – purple poo all over the white car. Choice, bro. I am pretty sure I got points for thinking about getting rid of it, even though I didn’t in the end…)

Man, I get sidetracked easily! Toy shop toy shop oooh, book shop. Book shop. Julie Goodwin’s cook book for $10. It’s not bad. Worth $10. Maybe make something from that. Or not. Now the Bloke will eat things that could be well described as meat cooked for a really long time with vegetables and in some kind of sauce-y gravy business (he doesn’t like casseroles); I might do that on the weekend as well.

Oh, and I’ve read as well. The e-reader is in my room awaiting my gentle caress (stories about books for next time, I reckon); and I think I have finished the Jim Butcher I was reading, read Insurgent by Veronica Roth, finished something else, started a book about a chap who sailed a bath tub across the English Channel, got side tracked by pirates, and may or may not have accidentally downloaded a book that may or may not be of the raunchy type variety (and not in a Mr Grey kind of way – at least I don’t think so, however there is a distinct chance handcuffs may be used inappropriately). It’s very adjective-y and has the potential to be Quite Rude and I don’t think I’ll keep going with it. Probably.

And Game of Thrones. I have Game of Thrones. The first four, anyway. All 3285 pages. Might read something shorter in the mean time! Anyway – I could bang on. But I shall stop, and leave you with a kitty. There can never be too many kitties or books.

G’night all.