Hooly dooly… STUFF. That? Me? Other stuff? Pfft. Lalalaaaaa In fact, I think I suspect I have indeed moved to LAZY TOWN.

Yes, this severe overcapitalisation is there purely to emphasise the fact I am going to totally and unequivocally regret this weekend in so many ways. However, we’ve had a bit of a memory making weekend so I am going to remind myself of this when I am kicking myself for having such a ‘do nowt’ weekend, instead of thinking of all the things I should have done but didn’t.

In fact, let me count these things I should have done but didn’t…

  1. Shopping. Serious lack of food here.
  2. Washing. I still have two loads to go, and will probably be putting out wet washing for the ironing fairy in the morning.
  3. Don’t even TALK to me about folding stuff
  4. And there’s a pretty good chance stuff that needs ironing won’t make it to the basket
  5. Meal planning. Well, see item #1 on the list
  6. Haven’t made school lunches  because – well, see item #1
  7. Or delicious home made treats.

Ah well, you get that on the big jobs (or should I say when you don’t do the Little Jobs, hey?) We did however spend a bit of serious quality Family Time together though, and hopefully that will sustain them all when we’re eating two minute noodles this week!

No excuses at all, really, either. I’ve even had a couple of days off for the purpose of the Kid Wrangling during the school holidays. But best laid plans and a faulty battery or something or other meant that instead of shopping and doing fun stuff like going to the movies, there was a bit of trekking about to mechanics and a wet weather day inside at home because we had no car. And hey, my plan to clean out the dreaded spare room was put on hold because of the whole BLOODY COLD IN THERE thing.

While the house is centrally heated, we make a concerted effort to not heat the rooms that aren’t used regularly, including the bedrooms. Doors are shut and heating vents are only opened a couple of hours before bed, rather than heating up rooms that have no people in them all day. The spare room is rarely used (and should currently be renamed the Crap Repository as it’s been where I’ve shoved stuff when other areas have been cleaned up with the view to going through it and sorting out properly) and the vent is well and truly shut and I think I would have had to leave the vent open for ohhhh six hours to even get the chill off, and by then – well, it would have been time to get the car from the mechanic, so what would be the point of that!

I’ve been putting in a few long hours the last couple of weeks, either by intent or accident as well. This, of course, is no real excuse for not doing the house work or going hunting for the family or making sure they’re all clothed, although it does make me realise that having a wife would be quite nice. One of those ones who does all the washing and the dishes and the shopping and the picking up of the stuff and the – well, everything really.

Oh, before I forget… one, no TWO things were achieved in the last week. One – the laundry got a spontaneous clean out, and all because it’s been raining again and because we’re a good, water saving family who have been diverting grey water for oooh, since before we moved into this house (so probably 15 years or so – since just after it stopped raining, anyway). Anyway, the natural precipitation levels recently have meant that the back yard is WET ENOUGH*, without the addition of 6-8 loads of washing water and 28 showers worth of water a week. Bit tricky to redirect the water back into the sewage system hey? And NO idea where the thingy to hook up the hose was – never used it, had we? So, in the course of finding it and detaching things, laundry got a swish up. Not a bad thing.

And the other…

Wait for it…

I roasted a chicken.

This is in fact an event of some note because I’ve never done it before. Mr Woolworths cooks up a rather nice one, and Mr Lenards isn’t bad either. So why on earth would I bother? Well, we decided it was a nice day for a nice roast dinner with all the trimmings and the Bloke sent me off to the butcher in search of a nice rolled roast. Nice. Except they’d run out! Aghast. But there were chickens. Free range organic chickens no less. And SIX BUCKS! Compared to a lamb roast which would set us back $25 or something – a bargain, and honestly, no pressure if I stuffed it up.

Which I didn’t.

It was DEEEEEEEE-LICIOUS. Even if I do say so myself. No recipe because a) I think I am the only person in the universe who has never roasted a chook before and b) not a lot one can say about rinsing off a chook, shoving a lemon up its clack and sticking it in the oven for an hour and a half with some vegies. Probably do it again, now I have a bit more of an idea how to do it (see above instructions. And yes, I consulted at least THREE recipe books and google before I decided how to do it!) And hey, for the frugal types, chook is cheaper than lamb, takes about the same length of time, and we probably get just as many meals out of it.

So, family stuff done, a clean laundry (to not do washing in!) and a home made roast chook. Not a bad week, all in all!

Please feel free to remind me of this when I am freakin’ out dudes next week when I am attempting to run a household with no food or clothes AND we’re away again next weekend too. Regrets, I’ll have a few….

*No matter how wet it is at the moment, it really has been about 15 years since we’ve had a proper winter. And despite all the rain, it’s only been this week that the cracks in the park have close up and it’s been wet underfoot. It’s taken two YEARS for that to happen. The climate has changed. Whether the change has been caused by human activity or Calathumpian aliens doing clog dancing on the Planet Spod is completely immaterial, and as an aside, we is not rooooned and the world didn’t end on 1st July 2012. End of feral lefty mutterings.